Gender Binaries Series

I made a series of works focusing on gender, and trying to explain in a visual form what gender is. Gender is a complicated and fascinating subject that I've explored for years, and finally decided to put in my work.

Broken Heel

"Broken Heel" is a piece that I made to explore the gender, "woman", and the pain they go through for aesthetic purposes.

In this piece I tried to convey what gender was- a useful tool in society but not a mold that everyone can fit in. Gender is a way to divide up labor, bond with other humans, and so many other things- but when it's forced on people, essentially forcing this superficial construct on organic beings, they can't maintain that form forever.

One of the many painful ways that women try to express their gender is through high-heeled shoes. These shoes can cause permanent damage to their feet, restrict movement, and cause injuries in the short term. (For example: twisted ankle)

Humans are organic creatures. Thusly, they can't fit into things like gender constructs perfectly- hence why I created a sculpture showing an organic object attempting to be a non-organic one.

Chipped Sword

This piece focuses on the gender "man". Similarly to the one above, I tried to explain how forcing organic objects to be inorganic ones simply don't work.

For this one, however, I focused on the expectation of violence within this gender. Men (at least in American culture) are continuously discouraged to express their emotions; that is, unless that emotion is anger. 90% of people in prison are men. Almost 100% of terrorists in the world are men. The US has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. Despite these statistics, social norms still continue to normalize violence in men and not give them an outlet to express themselves in healthy ways.

This sword represents that violence and how we keep trying to make these people fit into a mold. I chose a sword instead of a gun because swords are much older, and gender stereotypes have been around for a long time. Gender used to be a way to divide up work, bond with other people, and get things done- in today's society where so many things have changed, we need to update gender roles instead of clinging to old ways of approaching them. 

Brick in the Wall

This piece is about the conformity of gender as a whole, continuing on the idea of forcing organic material into non-organic forms. Each brick represents a person conforming to their gender, and how inevitably, a wall made out of soft material will collapse.

A Broken System

A video and animation I made, to try and show how outdated gender roles are.


Used a traditionally female pose and emphasized legs for a male body. 

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