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First video game I've ever made. Inspired by a series of books I wrote. I made all of the graphics, pages, and characters. (did not design fonts)

If you're stuck, click the screen. It'll restart the level for you.

Movie Board Game

Game I helped design for my Graphic Design class at Western Oregon University. It was a team based assignment, and for our game, we created characters for people to play as. Each person got a different movie genre to create cards and characters for. I chose Science-Fiction.

Game is not for sale, nor did I or any other member of my group make profit from this. All of the characters shown are of my own creation, particularly Dakini, who is a character from my books.

Science-Fiction inspired cards. On the right, I have the backs of the cards below the designs for the opposing side they would be on. 

Red Alert cards

Yellow Alert cards

Hologram cards

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