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Commissions and rates

Hello! Did you see my work and want to commission me for something? Or have an artsy/graphic design project you'd like help on? Here are my rates for illustrations!

Note: I also do trades, and depending on the project, can adjust prices given your situation. For example, if you want to hire me to illustrate a book but don't currently have the funds to hire me, we can do royalties, which basically means that I get a percentage of the book profits.






Digital copies

Character (B&W)

Fan Art (B&W)

Comic page (B&W)

Color (for above)

Physical (ex. pen and watercolor)

Books/websites (digital copy)

Original (for above)

Map, schematics, and other world building things! (see below section for details)​

Note: To receive the original illustration you'll need to also pay shipping.



Other things you can commission me for!

  • Logo design

  • Website design

  • Game design

  • Polymer clay earrings

  • Polymer clay keychains

  • Ceramic piece

  • World Building Illustrations (fantasy maps, schematics, etc.)

  • UV reactive posters

  • Animation

  • Acrylic painting

  • Watercolor painting

More info


Examples for character and fan art:

Black and White


Shading styles:

Digital painting

Comic pages

I don't get comic book page requests too often, but here's some examples:
















Books and website art

If you plan to use my art commercially, then my base price for illustrations is $75. If, for example, you hire me to do water color illustrations for a book, then it would be $75 for the digital version of each illustration, and then $50 for the original copy, if you choose to buy it.

Half page, simple illustrations (like the gender page) are only $50.

You can also hire me to design the book or website.  I have experience in both.

Made with photoshop and illustrator 2018.

Made with photoshop and illustrator 2018.

Example of book I'm currently writing/designing/illustrating to help the average person understand the LGBT+ community.

A book I illustrated and designed for a client. 26 pages of illustrations. Designed the book using Adobe In Design.

Maps, lineages, and ship schematics

I love to write, and I love to do art. In order to enhance both, I started doing schematics and drawings to make my writing come to life, and to help my books get better. I've written 12 books (still in the editing stages) and one of the ways I keep track of them is through these diagrams and maps.

I can do made up countries, town drawings, ship schematics, building schematics, and lineages. I can also do character drawings as well. (I can even do obscure things, like alien plants or animals, upon request)

I essentially have two rates for any of the above: formal (publish worthy) and casual (only used for personal notes and reference). Casual will be a lot cheaper than formal.

Below, when I refer to "layers", I refer to something I do, which is I have tracing paper over the original map and add characteristics specific to something else. For example, I have multiple layers for my maps, which are dedicated to: territories, enemy bases, ship routes, notes, etc. If I'm making a digital copy of a map, then I can make digital "layers" which are the equivalent. (Note: Layers can be applied to different kinds of maps, such as building schematics.)

Package Deals:

  1. 1 world map with 3 layers (9"x11", casual), 1 town map (9"x11", casual): $140

  2. 5 characters (B&W), world map (9"x11", casual), town map (9"x11", casual), ship/building schematics (9"x11", casual): $220

  3. 2 characters (color),  world map (digital, formal), lineage (digital, formal, up to 50 names then pay extra for more): $400

  4. World map (11"x14", formal), building/ship schematics (11"x14", formal), lineage (11"x14", up to 50 names then pay extra for more): $600

General rates for casual (Mostly used for personal notes and reference):

  • Digital maps (any size requested- will be vectorized)

    • World: $80​

    • Country: $90

    • Town: $50

    • Additional layers: $30

  • Maps​ (9"x11")

    • World: $70​

    • Country: $80

    • Town: $50

    • Additional layers: $20​

  • Maps (14"x17")

    • World: $120​

    • Country: $130

    • Town: $100

  • Building and ship schematics

    • 9"x11": $50

      • Additional layers: $20​

    • 14"x17": $100​

  • Lineages

    • 9"x11": $1/name​

    • 14"x17": $15 + ($1/name)

Formal rates (publishable)

Note: "formal" can include finer details like grid lines, measurements, dates, and overall finer/more detail. I've never had enough time to finalize any of my designs because of lack of funds, so unfortunately I don't have examples for them.

  • Digital

    • Maps (I would vectorize them, so they can be any size requested)

      • World: $300​

      • Country: $200

      • Town: $150

    • Building and ship schematics: $150

    • Lineages: $2/name

  • Physical (done by hand)

    • Maps (11"x14")

      • World: $300​

      • Country: $250

      • Town: $200

    • Maps (larger than 11"x14")

      • Ultimately depends on size and type of paper​

    • Building and ship schematics (11"x14")​: $200

      • Bigger than 11"x14": depends on size and type of paper​

    • Lineages (11"x14")

      • $50 + ($2/name)​

Ceramics (clay)

I currently own a kiln, but unfortunately, don't have the tools to get it up and running yet. Any ceramic commissions will take a while to make, since I'll have to go to another location to make it. So long as you're patient with the request, I can eventually get it done. :)

Most of my pieces are for sale, if you don't want to wait for a commissioned piece.

When commissioning a piece, be aware that glazes can be unpredictable, and colors can change in the firing process. Unless I buy commercial glazes (more expensive) color can change in the firing process.

Examples of work:


Acrylic: Depends on commission.

Watercolor (NOT including digital rights)

  • This is for the physical copy, not commercial use. You will also need to pay for shipping/handling.

  • 8"x10": $50

  • Bigger than 8"x10": depends on requested size

Graphite and Charcoal


  • 8"x10": $20

  • 14"x17": $100

  • Bigger: depends on size/paper

UV Reactive Blacklight Posters

Made with sharpies.

8"x10": $20

14"x17": $100

Game Design

I honestly don't have much experience in game design, but I like games and I've created one computer game (Stencyl), board game, and am in the process of making a more complex game called "No Pressure". (more details on "no pressure" in the Graphic Design section) I have experience in page layout, animation, and illustrations.

I can create vectorized illustrations for characters, backgrounds, icons, etc. The "Saving Eli" game I created (check out the "Board game and video game" section under graphic design) I made all of the characters and illustrations. (I didn't make the fonts- I found them for free online)


I took 2 video and animation classes at Western Oregon University. I can edit video, do stop motion video, and a couple other animation styles. I learned how to use Adobe Premier and Aftereffects.




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