About me

I'm a freelance graphic designer and artist in Monmouth, Oregon.

I've dabbled in an array of different art mediums. Compared to most artists, I take a very calculated and scientific approach to my work. I love the challenge of combining contrasting mediums, learning different art styles, and problem solving. My main focus is illustrations and pen work.

I traveled a lot as a child, but I primarily grew up in the Portland metro area. When I first started college I had the very cheesy goal of being as 'culturally accepting and aware as humanly possible', and in the process, became very educated in a variety of human rights and environment causes.


In addition to traditional art, I studied dance extensively at Portland Community College. I took classes in hip hop, ballroom, latin, ballet, tribal belly dancing, and others. I specifically focused on ballroom dance classes, which is entirely partner dancing, which helped with my anxiety and social skills.

Adobe programs I'm proficient in:

  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • InDesign

  • Aftereffects

  • Premier

  • Lightroom

Art styles I've dabbled in:

  • Painting (acrylic and oil, but I prefer acrylic)

  • Water color painting

  • Ceramics (clay; both sculpture based and pottery)

  • Photoshop illustrations

  • Adobe illustrator illustrations

  • Glass casting

  • Cardboard sculpture and furniture

  • Yarn/thread/string; primarily dream catchers

  • UV reactive posters

  • Paper sculptures

  • Tattoo design

  • Henna

  • Body painting

  • Video

  • Photography

  • Animation (Stop motion, rodoscope, time mapping)

  • Anime/cartoons

  • Life drawing

  • Charcoal, pastels, graphite, ink, etc.

Recent community and environment based projects:

  • Illustrating a children's book to educate children on endangered sea turtles.

  • Coordinating a charity event/dance through Western Oregon University

  • Co-hosting/coordinating a weekly dance practice group

  • Helping create Keep Oregon Spooky, a campaign designed to encourage people to save the environment utilizing story telling and badges.

  • Attending the Science March in Portland

  • Attending the Climate March in Portland


  1. Portland Community College (2011-2013): General Associates Degree and Transfer Degree

  2. Portland State University (2014-2015): briefly studied in their graphic design program

  3. Western Oregon University (2015-2017): Bachelor of Science in Studio Art and Minor in The Arts

Current side projects:

  • Game to help people create good habits in their life, utilizing unique story telling.

  • Series of books: I'm currently in the editing stages for 12 fantasy books that I've written. The above game is set in the same world.

  • Coloring books

  • Educational childrens books to help children learn how to fact check and spot propaganda.

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