Current Projects

Inventory (5/14/2020)


As of late (especially since Quarantine for Corona started) I've been working on inventory for markets and selling work online. I've been primarily focusing on watercolor and coffee painting, but have been dabbling in just about everything. Book marks, cards, hair barrettes, necklaces, poi, etc. I have lots of art for sale right now, lol, and currently no means to sell them at markets, since all of them are pretty much closed for the year due to Corona. Next year, hopefully things will be more under control, and I'll be able to sell at markets again. Markets allow me to get feedback on my work, see what works/doesn't, and make a little extra cash to incentivize my art making. :)


This year started out great, art wise. I submitted to my first gallery in years and was accepted, my partner and I had plans for markets and selling art, I had a client for designing a book cover and inside illustrations-- and then Corona happened. ​Although my momentum got thrown off, I'm hoping to resume course and go back to submitting to galleries soon. :)

Secret Project

As of 5/14/2020, I've been working on a secrete project that should hopefully be done by July or August. :)

Mom and Grandma's books/stained glass

Trying to sell my mom and grandma's art/books has been slow going, but has kept me busy. :)


A game designed to help people create better habits. Utilizes story telling techniques and game play to encourage healthy habits. I've been stuck on this one for a while, so honestly not sure when it'll be done. I'm stuck on the coding part, but everything else (writing, artwork, etc.) is done.

Soul Circus book series

I've written about 12 or so books for a series that I've been working on the last couple of years. They're still in the editing stages. :)

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