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Process work for WRAY (World Recreational Aid for Youth)

I was asked to help design a logo for the founder of WRAY, after a friend already did preliminary designs. The nonprofit group was just starting up and wanted a logo to that would portray what they were about: giving sports equipment to youth impoverished countries.
For this project I used illustrator, everything was vectorized, and I used no clip art. All original designs.
The client wanted multiple elements, including:
  • "World Recreational Aid for Youth"
  • "Choose to Change Lives"
  • The world/globe
  • The longitudinal and horizontal lines on a globe
  • Sports equipment
For the first set of sketches, my contact (the friend who negotiated the prices and details with the client and originally asked for help) didn't give me the full details above, so I made these given the little information she'd told me.

Tried a variety of styles, including focusing on equipment and thinking about what makes them unique to each other. Namely, when I thought about sports equipment, I thought of the threading on each one- which led to the design having the planet have parts of the different sports balls. The soccer ball hexagon shape, tennis ball lines, basketball lines, and baseball threads. I played with typography, mixing with shapes, and experimented with different styles. Once I'd done this, I checked with the client to see what direction they wanted to go.

They wanted all of the words in the design, still wanted the entire world, and wasn't a fan of the sports balls combination idea. (they ended up doing a variation of that later on, though.) 

On the right are the first digitized designs. I tried to emphasize that the client should go for a simple design (top right, one down- the soccer ball one) and explain to the client that simple would be better; however, they still wanted all of the words, all of the shapes, and all of the extra things. They did think the simpler design looked nice, but also wanted variations in the more complex designs.

Did gray scale print outs of some of the designs so that client could see what they look like as different sizes and gray scale.

Logos are used for almost everything, which means that they'll be used on different platforms and mediums. I used illustrator for all of the designs (vectorizing them) so that they can be magnified to any size, change color without compromising image, and so forth. Since some logos will be printed by other companies in black and white, I wanted the client to also have an idea for how their logo would look in black and white in that situation.

Once the client was happy with the design, he wanted color variations aside from the blue color scheme, so I did color variations. He also wanted business cards, so I made multiple versions. I also made sure to try black and white versions so that when he printed the final versions, he could do color or black and white to save on printing costs.

Final designs. Client chose red, green, and yellow color scheme with simple business card layout. I provided .ai, .jpg,, and .png versions of final design.

Sing Fay

For my graphic design class, we had a project where we were supposed to take an existing restaurant and design a logo, menu, and building space. (We ran out of time in class and didn't finish the last part- room design)

I chose Sing Fay, a Chinese restaurant in Monmouth, Oregon. I was required to go to the restaurant and get an idea for the food, general feel, and do research.

One day I sat own there, ordered their soup, took plenty of pictures, and took extensive notes. I noted their color scheme, decorations, food quality, customers, general vibes- anything and everything I could observe, I took note of.

I ended up noting that Sing Fay:

  • casual atmosphere

  • over the top Chinese decorations

  • authentic Chinese food

  • mix of customers

  • plagarized one of their menus from a similar named restaurant in the UK....

  • food menu was filled with pictures, not well organized/design

  • restaurant was old, hadn't repaired in a while

  • cheap/affordable food

  • friendly staff/customers

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