I'm a freelance graphic designer and artist, but have also written a series of books called the Soul Circus series. They're in the editing stages, but you can find information about them on this site. :)

I have a coloring book, available for purchase, that features artwork depicting themes from my books.

I grew up mostly in Oregon, and briefly lived in New Hampshire for a year. I went to school at Portland Community College, getting my transfer degree, and went to Portland State University to study Graphic designer. After going to that school for a year, I transferred to Western Oregon University, where I received a BS in Studio Art.

My stories started as a fanfic, but strayed so far from original canon, that I decided to make my own series. I've been working on these books for years, and have made dozens of maps, ship schematics, versions, and drawings for the books. 

I dabble in a variety of art mediums, self expression, and story telling styles. I've written comics, made expressive studio art, and written full novels.

I love doing research on science and human rights, and those interests are reflected in my writing. For the Soul Circus Series, I effectively poured in everything I know about humans and how they function. (plus a bunch of magic and zombies) While at PCC I studied a variety of subjects on human nature, such as anthropology, sociology, and psychology. I also learned (albeit too late in my studies) that I love science, and have taken courses like human anatomy and physiology, oceanography, and astronomy.

My handle on social media sites is KFutterwacken, and you can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Patreon, and RedBubble.

To learn more about my other art styles, check out my main website here: https://mischieviousfairie.wixsite.com/kfutterwacken

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