The Soul Circus Series (in progress, not published yet)

These are summaries of each book- if you don't want spoilers, don't read past the first book description!

Book 1: Death is a Mercy

Claire Groh has been transported to a new world of magic, assassins, and zombies. She comes across the Dragon Wizard Guild, a guild that prides itself in boasts of strength, at the expense of exploiting the weak.

Book 2: The Trouble with Souls

Souls are a delicate, tricky thing. When they suffer injury and go untreated, the person will die.

Claire learns more about the culture of Humming Town, the hidden secrets of the Dragon Guild, and the monsters of this world.

Book 3: Infiltration

Claire must create an alliance between the Soul Circus and the Dragon Guild at all costs; to protect herself from the monsters within, and the ones in the Ghoul Guild waiting to take her again. Along the way, they discover just how much influence the Ghoul Guild has been having on both the Dragon Guild and the Soul Circus.

Book 4: Hibiscus War

Poltergeists are swarming churches. Freeze demons are swarming the town. Entire cities are falling to zombie plagues. The war has started.

Book 5: Escape

The refugees of Hibiscus have fled to the safety of the Soul Circus ships, where no one is safe. The Soul Circus must now care for hundreds of refugees who want them dead and spies of the Ghoul Guild hide in their mist. Claire is caught in the crossfire of a battle of power between the Dancing Vixens guild, the Dragon Guild, and the Soul Circus. Will any of them survive?

Book 6: The United Intergalactic Government

Amid facing the aftermath of the destruction of the Dragon Guild, the Soul Circus finally reaches the Takatiki Islands. They learn about the UIG, their ways, and most importantly- their technology. The Soul Circus goes through substantial changes as they're allowed to learn about cultures from other worlds, and decide how they want to continue their travels around the world.

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